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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What is Bidding Source?

Bidding Source is one on the largest sources for world tenders and procurement opportunities. It acts as an information center. You can see Tenders of international funding agencies, Government Tenders, Private companies’ tenders.... all in bidding source portal.

All information is updated frequently and on real time basis.

02. Type of Membership on Bidding Source

Bidding Source has 4 types of membership.

  • Free, Basic, Standard, On Request
  • Basic
  • Standard
  • On Request

You can see membership table in this link. Subscription Plans

03. What is On Request Membership Type?

If you are a big organization or company, you can use On Request Membership. By this membership you can choose how many tenders you want to see per month, and you can receive tender alerts in multiple email IDs.

For any question about this membership type Contact us.

04. How Bidding source gathers this information from all over the world?

All the information is collected from thousands of online sources (Government websites, Tender Holders websites, international development agencies...) Newspapers, Magazines, Local agents...

The received information is processed and categorized on the base of CPV Codes and Country.

05. Registration on Bidding Source

You can register on Bidding Source website only by filling a short form. You can also use your social network accounts for speeding up your registration on Bidding Source.

06. What are CPVs Codes?

CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) codes have been developed by the European Union specifically for public procurement. CPV Codes are used to classify Tenders, Procurement opportunities ... and contract notices correctly and helps suppliers to find the notices which are of interest to them by using a standardised vocabulary.

All the Tender information on Bidding Source is categorized on the base of CPV Codes.

07. Tender Types

Every Tender has a tender type. Bidding Source uses exact tender type name used by Tender Holder.

Access to Contract Awards is free of charge to Paid members. As a paid member you can see unlimited contract awards notices on Bidding Source website.

08. How to find tenders on Bidding Source?

You can use different ways for finding your interested tenders and procurement opportunities on Bidding Source Portal:

  • Advanced Search:

    You can set advanced search on the base of different criteria such as keyword, Country, CPV, Funding Agency, Today Tenders, Live tenders, All tenders... and find your business tenders all over the world.

  • You can use CPV codes showing on homepage.
  • You can find Tenders on the base of continent and Country too directly on Bidding Source website homepage.
09. What is Tender Email Alert service?

You can set tender email alert for any category and received daily email alerts for tenders published in that category.

Any category has a tender alert setting and you can easily use it for setting email alerts.

You can also use Tender Alert setting section and set your email alert on the base of category or keyword.

10. Do you provide Tender Documents too?

Any available tender document that has been published free of charge by Tender Holder will be available free of charge to Bidding Source subscribers too. If any document available you can see attached to tender.

Some Tendering Authorities use a link for the Tender Documents for downloading.

Some Tendering Authorities may charge for the Tender Documents so you should pay directly to the holder for buying tender documents.

11. Can we publish Tenders on Bidding Source website?

Yes. You can send your tenders by email to us so that our team publish them on website or if you have high number of tenders every day so you can Contact us so that that we can provide you with publishing tools.

12. What are the benefits of upgrading my Membership from Free to any other membership type?

By free membership you can only see the summary of tenders and with no access to full tender details.

By upgrading your membership you can remove this limitation. Please before upgrading your membership be sure which membership type is suitable to your company size.

13. Can I upgrade from a paid membership (for example Basic Membership) to Standard membership?

If you have already upgraded your membership from Free to Basic and now you want to upgrade it from Basic to Standard membership, you can easily do it online. The system calculates your previous paid fee and the period you have used it and then you can upgrade it by paying the remaining fee that is a very competitive fee.

14. How do I make payment for upgrading my membership?

You can upgrade you membership:

  • Online by using any Credit Card
  • By Western Union
  • By Wire Transfer (Bank Transfer)
For any help regarding upgrading your membership you can Contact us or you can send us email: info@biddingsource.com
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