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Government Tenders, bids and procurement is the process whereby governments or financial institutions invite bids for buying products or completing projects.

Government tenders are very competitive and many companies interested to win them because these governmental contracts can be steady and there is a guarantee of payment for them. They may be local tenders or international tenders.

Companies interested in participating government tenders submit their proposals to governmental tender holders (buyers). Here in Bidding Source website, you can access to all governmental tenders published in all countries of the world. It may be called government procurement or Public procurement too.


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Burkina Faso - Travaux de réhabilitation et de renforcement du tronçon de la route nationale n° 04 (route communautaire cu2a) - CU2a --
- the possible displacement of networks in urban crossings (electricity, water, telephone, lighting, etc.),
- cleaning and clearing of the edges of the roadway,
- earthworks: widening of the platform with embankments/cuttings and a possible capping layer 30 cm thick up to the leveling top of the existing foundation layer,
- pavement works: widening of the base layer with recycling of the existing, then improvement with cement to obtain a 10.20 m platform in open country, 25.30 m over 4,900 km from from PK 75+3500 to PK80+250, 21.60 m over 3.450 km from PK80+250 at PK83+700, 25.30 m over 0.650 km from PK 83+700 to PK84+350 and 12.70 m crossing built-up areas,
- supply and implementation of fiberglass grid,
- the supply and implementation of eight (08) cm thick gravel bitumen (GB class 3), on the entire shelf,
- the supply and implementation of high modulus asphalt concrete (BBME) over five (5) cm thick, over the entire length,
- reconstruction of two reinforced concrete girder bridges at PK 78+029 (3x11x3.50) and 80+167 (3x11x3.50),
- the construction of reinforced concrete gutters of various sections and side scuppers,
- the installation of vertical and horizontal signs as well as the demarcation,
- works specific to the protection of the environment (planting, borehole, fence wall, track, etc.),
- sensitization of staff and local populations to HIV / AIDS, road safety and environmental protection,
- the development of toll booths and car parks,
- rehabilitation of quarries and borrow pits,
- complete cleaning of the site before the provisional acceptance of the works.
2 Dec 2022
11 Dec 2022
Burkina Faso

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