Elimination of open defecation through production of digital featured movies

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Elimination of open defecation through production of digital featured movies
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2 Jan 2019
16 Jan 2019
Elimination of open defecation through production of digital featured movies Request for proposal
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Reference: 9145890
Beneficiary country(ies): Nigeria
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 31-Dec-2018
Deadline on: 16-Jan-2019 00:00 (GMT -2.00) Mid-Atlantic









1.   Context and Background

Globally Nigeria ranks second among countries in terms of people practicing open defecation (UNICEF/WHO JMP Report 2013) with 24.4% of the population practicing open defecation (WASH-NORM, 2018). In addition to this, 34% of the population are either using unimproved sanitation or are sharing toilets. The country has over only 33.5% of the schools having improved sanitation facilities that are single-sex and usable; 41.3% of the Health Facilities have separate latrine/toilet compartment for males and females; and 12.4% of markets/ motor parks with functional improved water source and useable improved toilet/latrines facilities (WASH-NORM, 2018).


Improving WASH services contributes significantly to realizing the child’s right to survival and development. It is expected that a greater impact on child survival can be achieved by integrating WASH interventions with services like immunization, ante-natal care, malaria control, nutrition and birth registration.


Poor and improper water, sanitation and hygiene have a complementary and interdependent causal relationship. The impact of poor sanitation and hygiene falls disproportionately on children, women and other vulnerable groups. Each year, 194,400 children under the age of five die in Nigeria due to diarrheal diseases. As part of its contribution, UNICEF recognizes the need to raise awareness and sensitize the majority of the population including decision makers, social mobilizers and primary participants (especially mothers and care-givers) on the importance of good hygiene practices in saving lives.


UNICEF-Nigeria WASH program is one of the largest development programs for UNICEF globally (UNICEF Annual Report 2013). It currently intervenes in over 50,000 communities spread across 161 Local Government Areas (LGA) in 21 states (out of 36) covering the six geographical zones.


Nigerian government just launched an ODF Campaign strategy that emphasizes on advocacy as a key tool for promoting safe defecation and eliminate open defecation in Nigeria by the year 2025.


The ODF Nigeria Campaign proposes activities under the realm of:

1.   Mass media communication aimed at:

a.   Creating a buy-in of the highest-level decision makers leading to prioritization of sanitation on the development agenda of the FGN and State Governments resulting in on-budget allocation of resources, formulation and implementation of state ODF roadmaps.

b.   Changing the vulnerable behavior and practices of communities and individuals towards sanitation and hygiene, particularly handwashing at critical times. This will result in the rejection of open defecation as an acceptable social practice, willingness to construct improved toilets and use of handwashing products and facilities.

2.   Programming aimed at establishing an ODF Nigeria Commission or a dedicated and mandated unit within the Federal Ministry for Water Resources (FMWR), along with NGN 30 Billion FGN grant to incentivize states to mobilize additional matching resources to aid in formulating and implementing their State ODF plans. The federal and states’ resources thus available will be utilized for capacity building, systems development, planning, monitoring, research, learning, review and coordination besides program logistics and behavior change communication utilizing RUWASAs and LGAs available human resources based on the principles of zero hardware subsidy for latrine construction. This process will be technically supported by the ODF Nigeria Commission/Unit with the assistance of the development partners group (DPG) and CSOs.

1.   Purpose of Assignment and Objective

This assignment is part of efforts to change the vulnerable behavior and practices of communities and individuals towards sanitation and hygiene, particularly handwashing at critical times while encouraging behavioural change by visually showcasing the advantages of improved sanitation. The assignment is to

a.   Develop appropriate script for a feature length film for elimination of open defecation;

b.   Produce the feature length film with a cast of popular actors and celebrities within the Nigerian (Nollywood) movie industry;

c.   Promote, and distribute the feature length film for the purposes of raising awareness about open defecation and the urgent need to “Choose life and use toilet”

2.   Supervision Arrangements

The Vendor will work under the direct supervision of the Communication Specialist in the Communication for Development Section, UNICEF Abuja, as well as the WASH Specialist, in the WASH Section - UNICEF Abuja.  The assignment is being conducted in collaboration with Federal Ministry of Water Resources and the partners UNICEF-Assisted WASH Program in Nigeria.

3.   Programme ID & Specific Project Involved:

Outcome 2: By 2017, vulnerable children and their families have equitable access to and use sustainable improved water sources, improved sanitation facilities and practice safe hygiene.

Output 2.3: Focus states/ LGAs have increased capacity and deliver services to ensure children and women have sustained and equitable access to improved sanitation and hygiene.

4.   Scope

The assignment will cover the development of scripts followed by the field production with cast and crew of a feature length for Northern audiences in Hausa for Northern audience. A strong promotion and distribution plan that includes a high caliber Premiere as well as 50 community screening/events in Northern Nigeria will accompany the production.

5.   Duty Station:     ABUJA, NIGERIA   5B.     Supervisor:  Communication Specialist, Communication for Development  Section UNICEF Abuja

6.     Major Tasks to be accomplished:

Under the supervision of Communication Specialist, Communication for Development Section Abuja and WASH Specialist, WASH Section UNICEF Abuja and in collaboration with Federal Ministry of Water Resources and partners under SHAWN project, the innovative film production company/organization (the vendor) will be responsible  for the following tasks for the 3 months duration of this project;

●    Desk Review/Rapid Assessment

Conduct a rapid assessment to identify existing information, knowledge and practices related to WASH/SHAWN II among target audience (Hand washing & open defecation/safe excreta disposal). This is to document what is already on ground (what practices target audience have adopted and which ones need be promoted) for the purpose of complementarity.

●    Training

Provide training to:

i.   Kannywood writers, directors, producers and actors in conveying (WASH/SHAWN II) messages through entertainment;

ii.  Celebrities to serve as spokespeople for raising awareness on importance WASH/SHAWN good practices and to sustain long term engagement for behavior change (online and offline) in the region

●    Design

-Collaborate with UNICEF to identify relevant story-lines based on WASH/SHAWN II barriers to be addressed, C4D plans, targeted WASH/SHAWN II messaging.

●    Production

-Produce feature length Video film, Short videos and multimedia content including images and design assets for distribution on multiple platforms (as detailed below)

- Edit out 10 short Video skits from the movie for promotional and enlightenment purposes(5 with SHAWN II messages and 5 for pure entertainment)

-Ensuring a star studded cast as well as Casting of additional women characters to role model and carry SHAWN II messaging

-Crafting of compelling SHAWN II focused storylines

-Oversee all elements of Production, including:

■    Creation of Creative Plan.

■    Maintaining Legal and Administrative practices

■    Oversight of Partner Collaboration & Approval on Script, Deliverables and Plans

■    Creation of the Script for Video

■    Production of Movie, Videos and all Design elements

■    Oversight of Focus group Discussions with representative viewers from target communities

■    Development of supporting campaign materials for the movie as well as SHAWN II initiatives

■    Oversight of Release, Distribution and Marketing

■    Organize and execute a high caliber Premiere either in Abuja or Kano

■    Coordination and execution of 50 grassroots community screening events in collaboration with WASH and C4D

■    Commercial and Grassroots Release of Content of both the Movie and promotional materials  through Multiple channels, including VCD/DVD, TV, Radio, Viewing Centers, Downloaders Association/Sideload/Bluetooth, Peer-to Peer Sharing, Mobile Cinema and Online.

Note that creative plan report will be submitted while other components will also be documented during implementation.

●    Implementation

-Oversee distribution of OD MOVIE content via conventional distribution of TV Broadcast, DVD release to ensure broad reach

-Establish network of trusted distributors in the Association of Movie Downloaders to release OD MOVIE and Video skits on highly sharable Bluetooth ready formats.

-Establish network of trusted distributors in the Association of Viewing Centers to release SHAWN II content in popular Viewing Centers

These are key measurable components especially the Association of Free downloaders, viewing centres and online platforms that would be created for the distribution.  TV stations airing will be key platforms that can be monitored.

●    Mobilization

-    Launch interactive social media engagement campaign

-    Provide viewing centers with support materials that emphasize storylines

-    Provide key nodes of distribution (i.e. downloaders association) with SHAWN messaging to engage audiences in conversation on key points.

-    Maintain a major press presence all through the project (Print and electronic)

-    Host 50 live community screening events with key Kannywood/Nollywood celebrities and WASH specialists in attendance to echo and amplify SHAWN II messages in content

7. End Product: (e.g. final report, article, document etc.)


Output/Deliverables Timeline

Report of initial desk review around the prevalent practices in SHAWN target areas including information & knowledge and behaviour in communities among target audience to determine behavioral change objectives of the entire project. Month 1

Report of training of 50 Kannywood/Nollywood professionals including Script writers, Director, Producers, Artists, Journalists and 3-4 Celebrity ambassadors to represent key SHAWN II advocacy issues.   Month 1

Development of Targeted behaviour change Messages and Scripts   Month 2

Preproduction activities, Location filming and editing of OD MOVIE and Video skits     Month 3-4

Distribution strategy/plan that leverages current trends in technology, entertainment, engagement and peer-to-peer sharing developed with timeline.     Month 4

Production of Promotional material including Movie trailers, Radio jingles, posters  Month 4

High caliber Premiere of ODF MOVIE in either Abuja or Kano with Kannywood celebrities and Press in attendance as well as Government officials and Traditional rulers. 

Interactive engagement campaign conducted through WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and/or emerging

Platform to popularize and promote media materials further reach of the ODF MOVIE and engage with target audiences. Month 5

The main products will be the Feature length ODF MOVIE, Promotional materials including Television trailers, Radio jingles, posters with distribution plan to over 17,000 download agents, in over 10,000 viewing centers, television broadcast on over 10 channels, and broadcast online via popular online channels, YouTube, Facebook and additional relevant websites. The distribution will provide a clear picture of the key pictures and their distribution.  The essence is to create a positive social environment for SHAWN/WASH related issues as well as motivate and inspire people of all categories to act positively in the effort to stop Open Defecation by 2025 through the movie industry (Nollywood/Kannywood).   Month 5-6


8.   Qualifications or specialized knowledge/experience required: UNICEF is seeking the services of an innovative film production company/organization to lead a fresh and dynamic approach which will include the development, marketing and distribution of a feature length movie aimed to entertain audiences, while at the same time educating them about the benefits of immunization within a context of overall child health and Nutrition in general and IYCF in particular. This will be supported by shorter audio-visual materials which can be paired and shared through blue-tooth at the community level by the existing polio communication infrastructure, including the network of viewing centres.

The idea is to harness local talent to produce a feature length documentary and 3 short format jingles on SHAWN II related issues.  The organization should have a proven record in relevant production in Nigeria. The programme is NOT looking for an event management or media placement/advertising agency or an NGO to produce this type of product.

9. Estimated time of the innovative film production company/organization and deadline for submission of end product:  6 months: January to June.


10.  Official Travel involved (itinerary and duration, if applicable). No



The proposal shall be evaluated technically and financially. prospective vendors are to submit two envelopes i.e technical and financial sealed into a bigger envelop and clearly labelled with the RFP number. Failure to label it properly will invalid your proposal


Technical Evaluation Criteria and relative points for Institutions for ODF Movie

Technical Criteria  Technical Sub-criteria to evaluate  Maximum Points

Overall Response    Completeness of response

Overall concord between RFP requirements and proposal  20

Company and Key Personnel     Range and depth of experience with similar projects;

Number of customers, size of projects, number of staff per project;

Client references;

Key personnel: relevant experience and qualifications 20

Proposed Methodology and Approach  Technologies used - compatibility with UNICEF

Project management, monitoring and quality assurance process

Innovation approach

Instructional strategies 30

Maximum Points



Financial      30

Total Maximum



Provide weighting financial/technical: Must be within 20:80; 30:70 & 40:60 limits


Provide minimum points required to be technically acceptable: Optimum cut off: 70% of maximum points for technical evaluation – 56/80, 49/70 & 42/60


Only vendors with the minimum score will progress to the next stage of the bidding process


Please indicate the name of your company, name, telephone number and email of your contact person in all your submissions (first page). Also ensure all your submissions are signed (signature)




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