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This tender with title GLOVES, DUTY, INSULATED (M7594-193973/A) has been published on Bidding Source portal dated 03 Jan 2019 for the country of Canada. It has been categorized on Gloves & Work gloves. For similar tenders you can see tenders mentioned below of this page.

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Letter of Interest (LOI)
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3 Jan 2019
9 Jan 2019
Public Services and Procurement Canada
Gloves , Work gloves


  Reference Number 474263
  Solicitation Number M7594-193973/A
  Organization Name Public Services and Procurement Canada
Travaux publics et Services gouvernementaux Canada
  Source ID FD.DP.QC.10077.C86892
  Associated Components Yes


  Published 2018-12-12
  Closing 2019-01-09 02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time EST


  Category Textiles and Apparel
  Region of Delivery National Capital Region
  Region of Opportunity Canada
  Agreement Type
  Tender Type Letter of Interest (LOI)
  Estimated Value
  Solicitation Method


  GLOVES, DUTY, INSULATED (M7594-193973/A)

Trade Agreement: NONE
Tendering Procedures: All interested suppliers may submit a bid
Competitive Procurement Strategy: N/A - P&A/LOI Only
Comprehensive Land Claim Agreement: No
Nature of Requirements:

1 RFRE Process
This Request for Response and Evaluation (RFRE) phase will qualify potential bidders who demonstrate that they have the necessary products and capabilities to deliver a solution for the RCMP’s requirement for Gloves, Duty, Insulated.

Respondents are encouraged to provide more than one model or product. If more than one model or product is being offered, a separate package must be submitted for each.

Following the RFRE phase, a draft specification and a draft RFP will be sent to the qualified bidders for comment. Interested bidders qualified through the initial process will then review the draft Request for Proposal (RFP) documentation and will have two weeks to ask questions and to provide feedback. This will provide Canada with the opportunity to obtain information directly from industry to confirm the technical documents. The process will provide the qualified RFRE suppliers with the opportunity to provide feedback and to obtain a clear understanding of the business and technical requirements; this will allow the qualified RFRE suppliers to be in a position to prepare informed bids to the resulting RFP.

The resulting RFP will then be issued directly to the qualified RFRE suppliers only to solicit their bids.

2 Introduction
The RCMP is interested in obtaining samples and information on insulated, black gloves available as manufactured or commercial-off-the-shelf products. The insulated leather gloves are intended for use during cold weather law enforcement activities.
Through participation in this process, respondents will:
a) Demonstrate their capability as a manufacturer or direct distributor to provide an insulated, black glove.
b) Provide samples of all potential options.
c) Provide information to the RCMP on the availability and sizing of insulated gloves and how to proceed with future requirements and procurement strategy.
d) Define the cost estimate, timelines, properties and other aspects of the requirement.
e) Help the RCMP become a more “informed buyer” with an enhanced understanding of industry goods.

3 Background
The Gloves, Duty, Insulated are intended for distribution to RCMP members across Canada to provide hand protection to police during duties in cold environments. The RCMP Uniform and Equipment Program performs the inspection, stocking, and distribution of the gloves. Gloves, Duty, Insulated have previously been purchased through competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process with a build-to-print specification.

3.1 Anticipated Quantities
It is anticipated that there will be a firm quantity of 5300 with three additional options of 1000 each and flex of 500. Please note that this information is provided for informational purposes only and in no way represents a commitment on the part of the RCMP to purchase these quantities.

4 Confidentiality
Potential respondents are advised that any information submitted to Canada in response to this RFRE may be used by Canada to modify the RFP. As such, respondents responding to this RFRE should identify any submitted information that is to be considered as either company confidential or proprietary. This information will then be treated as Protected B.

5 No Payment
No payment will be made for costs incurred in the preparation, submission, evaluation and participation in any part of this procurement process. Costs associated with preparing, submitting, evaluating and participating in this procurement process that are incurred by the supplier are the sole responsibility of the supplier.

6 Mandatory Qualification Criteria
To pre-qualify under this RFRE, interested respondents must demonstrate that they meet the following requirements. The respondent must:

a) Be the manufacturer of the glove and produce it in their own manufacturing facility. Subcontracting a portion of the manufacturing is acceptable.
b) Be the distributor for the manufacturer. As a distributor, you must have direct contact with the manufacturer and order directly from the manufacturer.

7 Mandatory Product Criteria
In addition to the qualification criteria, products submitted under this RFRE must meet the product mandatory criteria:
a) Products must be fully lined and fully insulated gloves.
b) Gloves, including trim and accessories, must be black.
Exceptions: Other colours are acceptable at informational stage provided a letter is included informing the Technical Authority of the substitution with a description of how the product will be altered to fit the mandatory criteria.
c) Gloves must have a cuff and adjustable wrist.
d) Gloves must not have hard knuckle plating, including carbon fibre, hard plastic, hard rubber, or metal of any kind.
e) Gloves must be full-grain leather. Cuffs and adjustment accessories may be textile or other material combinations.
f) Products must not have branding OR must have branding that is subtle in subdued colours with no retroflective material.
Exceptions: Other branding is acceptable at this stage provided a letter is included informing the Technical Authority of the substitution with a description of how the product will be altered to fit the mandatory criteria.
g) Products must be available in a unisex size range of size 6 to 12, or combination of male sizes 7-12 and female sizes 6-10.
h) Lining/insulating layer must be attached to the leather shell to prevent movement. A multi layered system is not acceptable.
i) Insulation should be appropriate for use in cold weather temperatures approximately -10°C to -20°C. The minimum CLO value for the insulation material is 1.2 when tested to ASTM D 1518-14.

8 Preferred Product Criteria
In addition to the mandatory criteria, the preferred criteria listed below give significant operational value to the RCMP and are intended to guide the bidder when selecting products for submission. Preferred criteria are not mandatory and products submitted under this RFRE do not need to meet this criteria but will receive additional points under the rated criteria at the bid stage.
a) Minimum 4 cm cuff length
b) Water resistant leather and waterproof membrane with seam tape
c) Articulated fingers (pattern is shaped to natural curve of the fingers)
d) Minimal features that may pose a safety hazard including grab and catch hazard. Examples may include excessively long or exposed hanging loops, drawstrings or carabiners.
e) Product warranty of one year for manufacturing defects
f) Highly dextrous design with minimal bulk at the fingers for use with police equipment
g) Availability in female sizes 6 to 10. Female sizing may be provided in an identical or separate style from male gloves. Styles should be similar in appearance.
h) Adjustable wrist closure with tab. Examples include hook and loop, snap, slider, or elastic and tab.

9 RFRE Evaluation of Mandatory Criteria
Respondents must submit the following to assess that they meet the mandatory criteria in order to be considered qualified:
a) Proof of the respondent’s parent organization’s country of establishment.
b) The response must also identify/include:
a. the title and number and closing date of the RFRE;
b. the name, title, address and telephone number of the respondent;
c. the name, title and telephone number of the respondent’s contact;
d. the respondent’s choice of official language: English or French and
e. the date of RFRE information submission.
c) Responder Details (Company name, headquarters’ address, website, primary point of contact name, title, email address, phone number and office location)
d) One to two pairs of sample gloves:
a. One pair Male and one pair female OR;
b. One pair Unisex
Sample Gloves must be clearly marked and identified with the following information on labels or hang tags:
a. Glove Size
b. Manufacturer
e) Sizing information that instructs how to measure and determine size. If separate male and female glove styles are submitted, size information must be submitted for each style.

f) Letter of Attestation stating that the product can be produced in a minimum size range corresponding to size 6 to 12.

g) Documentation stating how the respondent meets each point of the Mandatory Criteria and Preferred Product Criteria, if applicable.

h) Respondents must identify if their response, or any part of their response, is subject to the Controlled Goods Regulations.

9.1 Evaluation of Mandatory Product Criteria
The products samples will be evaluated against the Technical Evaluation Grid to determine compliance. Test reports are not required at this stage and will not be evaluated.

10 Submission Package
The following documents must be submitted with each bid package:
a) Product data sheet for the gloves including a description of the finished product, specific features, and relevant care instructions

b) Material data sheets for each material used in the gloves including leather, textile, insulation with weight and CLO if available, lining, and other materials as applicable.

c) Glove model number.

d) Anticipated MSRP in Canadian dollars per pair of gloves and, if male and female gloves are submitted at different prices, the price for each.

e) Details regarding the availability of the recommended product such as minimum order quantities, minimum lead times, typical order timelines or seasonal requirements, and approximate delivery schedule including shipping.

f) Information as to how the bidder intends to supply over a multiyear contract if the manufacturer discontinues or changes the product style, if applicable.

g) Availability of custom sizes (sizes outside the above noted) including lead times.

h) Availability of gloves and lead times for pre-award evaluation samples. A sample set of 1 pair in each of the available sizes will be requested as part of a future RFP process.

i) Availability of gloves and lead times for user trial samples. A sample set of approximately 30 pair (30 unisex or 24 male and 6 female) in at least one of each of the available sizes will be requested as part of a future RFP process.

j) Warranty coverage with a detailed description and extended warranty, if applicable.

k) Any additional information believed to be relevant to the response that has not already been covered in the sections above.

To be included in this opportunity, respondents must submit the information to the Contracting Authority by the deadline indicated.

Respondents will be advised on the results of the evaluation upon completion. Respondents deemed non-compliant will be offered a debrief. Non-compliant respondents will not be invited to continue in the process and will not be eligible to receive the RFP. The RFP will not be posted publicly and no other suppliers will be accepted into the process.

11 Inquiries
Suppliers may submit inquiries to the Contracting Authority:

12 Deadline for Submission of Responses to the RFRE
Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) invites interested parties to submit their responses to the Contracting Authority on or before January 9, 2019.

At Canada’s sole discretion, responses received after the deadline may or may not be considered.

13 Submission of Responses to the RFRE
Interested parties must submit their response to the Contracting Authority:

Laura Williams
Public Works and Government Services Canada
Acquisitions Branch
Commercial and Consumer Products Directorate (CCPD)
Clothing & Textiles Division
L’Esplanade Laurier, East Tower, 07-058
140 O’Connor Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R5
Telephone: 819-962-2193 Facsimile: 819-943-7970
E-mail address: laura.williams@tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca

Delivery Date: Above-mentioned

The Crown retains the right to negotiate with suppliers on any procurement.

Documents may be submitted in either official language of Canada.

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  Name Williams (pr705), Laura
  Company Name Public Works and Government Services Canada
  Address 11 Laurier St./ 11, rue Laurier
6B1, Place du Portage
  City Gatineau
  State / Province QC
  Postal Code K1A 0S5
  Phone (819)962-2193
  Fax (819)943-7970
  Email laura.williams@tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca
  Website URL

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