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International River Basin Planning Specialist
Request for Expression of Interest
21 Nov 2018
30 Nov 2018
Department of Water Resources and Land Improvement
World Bank

Department of Water Resources and Land Improvement


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International River Basin PlanningConsultant


National Water Resources ManagementProject – Phase 1

National Water Resources Management Pr oject – Phase 1

Theobjective of the assignment is to introduce a mechanism for improving the river basin plans to fin alize them to meet internationalstandards and approval by the River Basin Councils. The achieved result should be a comprehensive R iver Basin Plan for the ChuiBasin.

The River Basin Plan should be developed at the level of an international standard and s hould include (but notnecessarily be limited to) the following key elements:

  • an assessment of the quality and quanti ty of water resourceswithin the river basin;
  • an identification of current and anticipated future types and quantiti es of wateruse;
  • an evaluation of the quantity of water available for additional use, if any, taking into account of envir onmentalrequirements and any obligations under international law;
  • identifies a need for water for ecological and hu manneeds (including environmental flow needs, as defined by the project environmental team);
  • an assessment of the risks of water shortages, drought, flood, pollution and dam failure within the river basin and the costs of preventing, reducing ormitigating of such risks;
  • identified areas in which there are particular risks of diffuse source pollution;
  • a review of existing protection zones;
  • identify the areas at risk from floods and mudflows and the types ofactivities t at should be prohibited or restricted in such areas;
  • appropriate maps and graphs to clearly illustratespatial and tempora l variation of hydrological parameters (such as are available for the river basin);
  • a clearidentification, both descripti ve and in tabular form of the problems and issues related to water resources in the riverbasin;
  • a logical problem and obj ective tree;
  • a clear presentation of potential actions, projects and programsto address identified problems and issues an d achieve the stated objectives;
  • a preliminary identification ofimplementing agencies and sources of funding for short tomidterm actions and projects;
  • a clear schedule for planimplementation with scale appropriate for short-, medium- and lon g-term actions andprograms.

The Department of Water Resources and Land Improvement inv ites eligibleconsultants to provide the services and fill position of international consultant in River Basin Planning. For th e full textof the Terms of Reference, please visit the following web pages.: www.nwrmp.water.gov.kg и www.donors.kg

Candidates will be evaluated on the following minimum professional criteria.:

  • Higher education (equivalentto a Master's degree) and at least 10 years of experience in planning water resources;
  • Fluency in Russian and English;;< toli>
  • Demonstrated experience in developing high quality river basin plans for large strategic river basins, preferablywith tr sboundary elements;
  • Work experience in Central Asia isan advantage.

The selecti on of consulting services is carried out in accordance with the Guidelinesfor the Selection and Recruitment of Consultants by WorldBank Borrowers, published in January2011..

Eligible candidates must send a letter of application and CV (re sume) in Russian and Englishlanguages to the email address nwrmp@elcat.kg or in a paper version signed by themselves at no later th an 18.00local time, on November 30, 2018:

National Water Resources Management Project &nd ash; Phase 1Implementation Unit

under the Department of Water Resources and Land Improvement

office 302, 4a T oktonalievstr., Bishkek

Fax: +996 312 54 49 72

Applications received after the deadline will not beconsidered.

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