LRFP - 2018 - 9144777 - Consultancy for Health Information System Support

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LRFP - 2018 - 9144777 - Consultancy for Health Information System Support
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LRFP - 2018 - 9144777
21 Nov 2018
9 Dec 2018
Information systems
LRFP - 2018 - 9144777 - Consultancy for Health Information System Support Request for proposal
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Reference: LRFP - 2018 - 9144777
Beneficiary country(ies): Jordan
Published on: 18-Nov-2018
Deadline on: 09-Dec-2018 12:00 (GMT 2.00) Kaliningrad, South Africa



FCMT Approach: Health Information System Support



Assignment: Consultancy for Health Information System Support.


Location: Amman.


Duration: 6 Months.


Estimate number of working days: 126 Days.


Reporting to: Health Manager - H&N section.


Second Reporting to: Chief of Health and Nutrition.





UNICEF works in 190 countries and territories to protect the rights of every child. UNICEF has spent 70 years working to improve the lives of children and their families. Defending children's rights throughout their lives requires a global presence, aiming to produce results and understand their effects. UNICEF believes all children have a right to survive, thrive and fulfill their potential to the benefit of a better world. 


To address the challenges associated with the epidemiological shift towards increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases and meeting the immediate and short-term health needs of Syrian refugees, as well as fulfilling country’s commitment to reach universal health care coverage for all people living in Jordan,  the Ministry of Health (MoH) is aiming to modernize the primary health care (PHC) system through the adoption of a family medicine model under its National Health Strategy (2015-2019). The strategy calls attention to the underutilization of PHC services throughout the country, as well as challenges in equitable access to care. The most common problems in accessing PHC are physical and financial access, quality of care, and a lack of specialized care. Reaching universal health care coverage requires the expansion of PHC and strengthening the health system in general to reach the most vulnerable and marginalized population. UNICEF, in collaboration with Bill and Melinda gates Foundation, is supporting the MoH expand the reach of PHC to village level through an innovative Family and Community Medicine team (FCMT) approach, based on the principle of equity.  




The objective of this assignment is to support MoH and UNICEF to review and develop a functional system to digitalize health records and workflows that are being used in the health centres, to a one digital health information system, that can be accessed by health directorates and governorates as well as health centres based of specific privileges.




To achieve the above objective, the Contracted company, will provide MOH with the needed IT Staff with different skills and experience, based on pre-request from MOH. The requested staff shall perform the following tasks, in close coordination with Ministry of Health and UNICEF Health team:

  1. Develop an inception report on the proposed methodology to undertake this assignment based on the review of the current process, data, forms, patient files and referrals collected from the health centres, future needs of MoH and UNICEF and best practices. 
    1. The inception report shall propose full details of the Health system and health record.
    2. The inception report shall take into consideration the needed development for user interference, web application and it’s reporting system.
    3. The inception report shall include a detailed action plan for the assignment in coordination with counterparts at MoH and UNICEF Health team. And an SRS- Software requirements document explaining all details & system functionalities
    4. The developed system should be accessible based on specific privileges to health directorates, health governates and health centres with a centralized database.
  2. The system should have the below specifications
  • The system has an access control matrix, as information can only be displayed based on a set of rules.
  • Accessing the system to view reports and information would be through authentication with a defined username and password.
  • The system should have an effective internal control to detect and flag irregular or erroneous entries and subsequent results, which could have bearing on the process itself in terms of accuracy, neutrality and transparency.
  • Ability to export data from the system, based on predefined query.
  • Agree with all parties on a pre-defined reporting information, indicators dashboards and the calculation method.
  • Perform on-site test and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on the system in coordination with MoH and UNICEF.
  • Train concerned staff at MoH and UNICEF on the system Administration and execution functions.
  • Provide support/coaching for MoH and UNICEF concerned teams for one year after delivery of final HIS system.
  • Submit a final report detailing the progress and results of the assignment.
  • Present the progress and results of the assignment before MoH and UNICEF concerned staff and stakeholders.



Currently, at MOH in Jordan, peripheral, primary and comprehensive health centers collect service delivery data on paper-based standard health information management system (HMIS) forms. The collected data is summarized monthly and sent to the governorates some of which is entered in to the national web based electronic health information system (HIS) at MoH. Availability of timely and accurate data is critical to assess program success, quickly identify challenges, undertake a course correction and inform planning. The Health and Nutrition section at UNICEF Jordan country office is seeking an institutional IT (Information Technology) development contractor   to strengthen the health information system and improve availability of data to enable effective monitoring and planning of the Family and Community Medicine (FCMT) Approach. Reporting to the health manager for supervision and under the guidance of the director of IT at the Ministry of Health, the contractor will work on the following:


1.Requirement gathering and analysis

  • Review all paper-based patient file records, reporting tools for the varies program, and all services provided by health centers.
  • Develop a draft sheet for programming in coordination with M&E framework consultant
  • List all scope of work functions, features, and requirements that will take place during implementation along with sample mockups and screen designs for the delivered pages.


  • Design, develop and test of a series of new features and configurations to meet the needs of end users
  • Design, develop and test a series of enhancements to improve configuration, performance, and user friendliness based on user feedback
  • Build digital program for FCMT project where data will be entered, reported and monitored at PHC facility and remotely at community level
  • Clearly understand and Identify user types and roles and privileges associated with each, and developed the system based on a complex role matrix.
  • Work closely with the IT staff at MoH to build their capacity as needed to operate the electronic system and ensure continuity of knowledge for maintenance and further development of the program 
  • Patient Registration
  • Clinical and nursing program management
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Appointments Management
  • Cover all modules related within the system for the complete functionality delivery
  • Integration with other health systems   


  1. Testing

Pilot the digital program at different levels to address issues that might arise and fix errors / problems that are identified, before guiding final deployment; 

  1. Provide technical support and maintenance of the system to the IT Directorate at the ministry for six (6) months after successful delivery of the HIS system
  2. Determine the maintenance ratio after the free maintenance 



  1. Hosting of the digital system will be at the Ministry of Health
  2. System Source code ownership to be with MOH and UNICEF.
  3. System frontend must be web based, with the ability to have one module for offline patient registration.

Included major activities:

The contracted company will undertake the following activities

  1. Client relations & project management
  2. Software development, testing following Agile methodologies is a must
  3. Documentation of all processes
  4. Progress reports/assessments at selected project milestones
  5. Implementation Planning and support
  6. Support, issue tracking, and maintenance
  7. Revise and further develop user-friendly manuals and training materials on the use and maintenance of the developed health system



The following deliverables are required and to be submitted by the deadline when primarily produced in English and translated in Arabic when requested. The entire assignment is expected to be completed within 6 months.




The consulted company is expected to submit a detailed work plan, methodology with timed deliverables in the proposal. UNICEF will have a full oversight on the implementation of the key tasks of the consultancy as appropriate to the tasks. 



The assignment will be managed by the Health Manager with overall guidance from the Chief of Health & Nutrition at the UNICEF Jordan Country Office under the technical guidance and leadership of the IT Directorate at MOH. Formed steering and technical committees of the project will track progress and eventually endorse final deliverables.



The Health Manager will provide direct supervision on the assignment. The second reporting officer will be the Chief of Health & Nutrition. The consultant institution is expected to report the progress on a weekly basis via either e?mail, meeting or telephone call.



If the consultancy involves participation of beneficiaries or other stakeholders for the purpose of the system testing through data reporting, it is important to take into consideration ethical standards for respectful communication and gathering of information from participants. All products developed in the course of this consultancy are the intellectual property of UNICEF. The consultant may not share these products outside of the scope of this constancy without the express permission of and acknowledgement of UNICEF.



Travel to project areas within Jordan during the assignment may be required; the contracted agency is expected to make all travel arrangements. Standard UNICEF regulations will apply.



The company should provide a rate card for the following positions with recommendation on their utilization during the engagement period:

  • Project Manager (10+ years’ experience in project management, PMP certification is a must)
  • Technical Team Leader. (8+ Years, MS certified)
  • Senior .Net Software Developer. (5+ Years of experience, MS certified)
  • .Net Software Developer. (2-3 Years of experience)
  • Quality assurance. (3+ years of experience)

    Business Analyst. (7+ Years of experience in UML, DFD ”Data flow diorama”, strong experience in stack holder analysis .

Education: A University Degree in computer science or a relevant degree is a must.



  • Development must be with MVC.
  • Preferable a Microsoft gold partner, but it is not must.
  • Evidence of experience in building quality responsive systems, and ability to provide high caliber deliverables; Provide at least 5 development references for projects in Jordan.
  • Minimum 8 years of relevant experience in IT development projects.
    The IT consulted company must have a previous experience in development for health sector.
  • Familiarity with clinical terminology and previous experience working in the health sector would be an asset, particularly in programming mobile data collection tools for health services. 
  • Certified trainer and has conducted at least 10 workshops at different levels of participants is an asset
  • High and professional programming and analytical capabilities with proven examples of previously produced similar programs or tools 


Language: Fluency in English and Arabic is required. 


UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified candidates from all backgrounds to apply. 

  • Candidates will not be considered if they have committed violations of international human rights law, violations of international humanitarian law, sexual exploitation or sexual abuse, or crimes other than minor traffic offences, or if there are reasonable grounds to believe that they have been involved in the commission of any of these acts. 
  • UNICEF is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence. 



Proposed timelines for completion of assignment tasks are met and deliverables submitted on time with excellent quality as specified in this Term of Reference (ToR) under Objectives, Scope and Deliverables and as agreed between UNICEF and the firm after the contract is signed.



Performance reviews will be conducted after completion of each task. Weekly meeting or conference calls will be held with the contractor (if needed) to discuss progress and jointly brainstorm on next steps.Monthly meetings with the consultant along with MoH IT Task Force will be convened to review the progress.



A two-stage procedure shall be utilized in assessing the proposals, with assessment of the technical proposal being completed prior to any price proposal being compared.

Applicants shall prepare a proposal as an overall response to TOR ensuring that the purpose, objectives, scope, criteria and deliverables are addressed. The proposal shall include background understanding, methodology, assignment structure, proposed idea and work plan.


Applications shall therefore contain the following documentation:

  1. Technical proposal:
  • Applicant institutions shall prepare a full technical proposal as an overall response to the ToR ensuring that the purpose, objectives, scope, criteria and deliverables are addressed.
    • Based on the proposed timetable laid down in the TOR, a proposal of the detailed methodology, tentative work plan and time schedule is required.
    • CVs, list of similar experiences/assignments highlighting those focused-on primary health care .


  1. Financial proposal:


  • Financial Proposal submitted as a separate file, clearly named “Financial Proposal”. No financial information should be contained in the Technical Proposal.



    All requests for proposal will be weighed according to the technical (70%) and financial considerations (30%).


    Minimum technical score: 70% of 70 points = 49 points


    Only companies that reach minimum technical score on Technical evaluation will be qualified and considered in financial evaluation.


Financial (30% weightage)

A financial proposal with a breakdown of all costs that are to be charged to UNICEF. This includes estimated number of working days, consultancy fees, all office administrative costs, international and local travel costs, as well as any additional requirements needed to complete project or that might have an impact on cost or delivery of products. Travel expenses should be based on the most direct route and economy fare. Quotations for business class fare will not be considered.

The total amount of points allocated for the price component is 30. The maximum number of points will be allotted to the lowest price proposal that is opened and compared among those invited firms/institutions which obtain the threshold points in the evaluation of the technical component. All other price proposals will receive points in inverse proportion to the lowest price; e.g.:

                                            Max. Score for price proposal * Price of lowest priced proposal

Score for price proposal X =         ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

  Price of proposal X

The Financial Proposal shall be submitted as a separate file, clearly named Financial Proposal. No financial information should be contained in the Technical Proposal.



Standard UNICEF contractual penalties will apply. Proposed timelines for completion of activities are met and deliverables submitted on time with excellent quality and as per the standards described in the TORs as well as UNICEF global standards. Overall performance at the end of the contract will be evaluated against the following criteria: timeliness, responsibility, initiative, communication, and quality of the services and products delivered.


  • The contractor will work on its own computer(s) and use its own office resources and materials in the execution of this assignment. The contractor’s fee shall be inclusive of all office administrative costs or any conducted training cost as venues and catering. Any additional cost incurred during the execution of the assignments will be the sole responsibility of the contractor.
  • Contractor will use its own means of transportation Local travel and airport transfers (where applicable) will be covered in accordance with UNICEF’s rules and tariffs.
  • Flight costs will be covered at economy class rate as per UNICEF policies.
  • Please also see UNICEF’s Standard Terms and Conditions attached.



    The contractor is eligible for the following payment as percentage of the total contracted amount when conditions are successfully satisfied


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