LRFP - 2018 - 9144808 - Design and Implementation of Management Information System for the National Aid Fund

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This tender with title LRFP - 2018 - 9144808 - Design and Implementation of Management Information System for the National Aid Fund has been published on Bidding Source portal dated 21 Nov 2018 for the country of Jordan. It has been categorized on Information systems. For similar tenders you can see tenders mentioned below of this page.

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LRFP - 2018 - 9144808 - Design and Implementation of Management Information System for the National Aid Fund
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LRFP - 2018 - 9144808
21 Nov 2018
3 Dec 2018
Information systems
LRFP - 2018 - 9144808 - Design and Implementation of Management Information System for the National Aid Fund Request for proposal
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Reference: LRFP - 2018 - 9144808
Beneficiary country(ies): Jordan
Published on: 19-Nov-2018
Deadline on: 03-Dec-2018 12:00 (GMT 2.00) Kaliningrad, South Africa





Assignment: Design and Implementation of Management Information System for the National Aid Fund.


Location: Jordan.


Duration: 4 months for development work + 12 months support contract.


Reporting to: Manuel Rodriguez Pumarol – Chief of social Protection.




    The National Aid Fund (NAF) is an independent institution, which was established by Law (Number 36) in 1986 to provide protection and care for needy families and improve their standard of living. The NAF cash transfer program is the largest public cash-transfer based social safety net in Jordan with an annual budget of about 100 million Jordanian Dinar. It provides monthly aid services to approximately 93,000 households, constituting 7.5% of the Kingdom's population. The NAF organizational structure operates nationwide with 41 offices across the country and approximately 400 staff members. The NAF services to needy families fall under several programs that targets vulnerable individuals and families who fall under certain categories in regular or temporary basis. Services of NAF include also Physical Rehabilitation, Training and Employment programs.


    In May 2018, the government approved a plan to expand and improve NAF by adding about JD 100 million to the current budget to add 85,000 beneficiary households during the period between 2019-2021. This plan aims also to improve targeting, the graduation of NAF beneficiaries, the mechanism for receiving and responding to applications and grievances, and the Management Information System (MIS).


    Currently the NAF has a very modest information system for maintaining the centralized database of program beneficiaries and does not allow to process automatically a series of routine transactions including targeting and enrolment of beneficiaries, calculation of benefits, payment and reconciliation, appeals and grievances, family history updates, and monitoring and reporting.  Also, the system was developed for a small beneficiary database using a technology that is no longer supported which could potentially pose a technical risk using the same system for the implementation of the expansion because of some technical limitation. Therefore, a tailored MIS specially built to the needs of NAF is envisaged, as it will enable an effective management and implementation of the cash transfer programme expansion. The MIS will also serve for the purpose of storing the data in a centralized database, providing standardized and specific interfaces for each operation, limiting access to information on user need basis and interconnecting sharing of information between NAF HQ and Governorates offices.




    The main objective of this assignment is to hire a qualified IT-software development firm for the analysis, design, development and implementation of centralized web based MIS platform effective administration and monitoring of cash transfer program for the National Aid Fund.




As part of the work included under this assignment, following activities are the responsibility of the

IT-software development firm:


  1. Design and implement modules and related software components needed to support the automation of cash transfer program for NAF using international best practice of system development. It will include development or customization of the proposed system and module interfaces, front end, back end, web modules, database, application reports and statistics, and any software components needed to deliver complete and functional applications systems required by the program. The proposed system is expected to have a following core functions:


    1. Registration: Allows the data entry into the system based on the pre-defined data entry format that ensures information quality and accuracy check. The functionality should provide online application intake, data entry through the NAF offices and data collection process through an android based tablet application, with the possibility of future integration with Civil Status and Passport Department “CSPD” to pull the beneficiaries main information’s it
    2. Targeting: Poverty calculation based on the basic and socio-economic characteristics of the household’s members and classifies households in poverty categories depending on their score and according to cut-off points established.
    3. Enrolment: Provides functionality for enrolment of households based on the programme inclusion criteria.
    4. Payment: Includes payments configuration, and amounts to transfer per period to beneficiaries, as well as the frequency of payments. Also, will be adaptable to the payment provider’s technology and payment reconciliation files will also be configured, depending on the payments provider and the submission process, this would require coordination with different payment providers.
    5. Grievance Readdress (case management): Functionality to reach the intended project beneficiaries and that transparency, accountability and anti-corruption measures are institutionalized throughout the programme.
    6. Administration: Access Management involves: (i) Authentication to ensure secure access to the registry and the MIS. (ii) Authorizations to guarantee user’s entitlements for accessing the particular resource. Authorization will be implemented through role matrix access control.(iii) Audit and reporting to provide tools to monitor access management events and changes to data objects, such as: user activities, access violations, authentication events, authorization events and changes to database, the audit must be on both the system level, and directly on the database level (tables and records)
    7. Reporting: Generates various kinds of reports for data analysis and program monitoring.
    8. Additional modules: After conducting full business analysis and requirements gathering , UNICEF&NAF might find there is a need for additional modules need to be developed, this must be agreed on with all parties, and clearly identified in the  inception report and SRS document.


  1. Install, configure and manage the test & production environments for the mis modules. Apply the required operational procedures to ensure an effective and efficient operation of mis environment at NAD data centre, which includes all database ancillary processes as well as the hardware systems on which the software & database runs. The software developing firm is expected to provide an optimal hardware design architecture solution depending upon the existing NAF IT infrastructure. A hardware assessment should be conducted. The MIS will have to be centrally installed, configured and operationalized in the proposed MIS hardware.   The firm is expected to design and implement the necessary processes to ensure high availability, high performance and high security as minimum quality requirements. This support may include the use of data dictionaries, database and table design, database modelling and development of technical procedures to support the application implementation process;


  1. Perform Integration/ System Testing, User Acceptance Testing etc. Prepare test cases, prepare test data and execute test cases. Prepare test reports of software(s) based on systems specifications & validations performed. Use of periodic data backup and data restore procedures, as part of the standard data operation.


  2. Development of all required MIS technical and design documents such as business process documents (workflows, process design, system architecture etc) to ensure that all MIS documentation is updated and available for the support of project. Provide Implementation Documentation on product modules, deployment and SOPs for backup restore for later use by NAF team. Prepare User Manual of developed system to be handed with training to the Operational users.


  3. Software development, must be following Agile methodologies, with clear iterations approved by all stockholders.


  4. Perform all necessary software maintenance, including coding, testing, debugging, upgrading and modifications of MIS as required during the consultancy period.


  5. Lead the training of MIS for core technical and operational staffs of NAF and implement field test results of modules to improve and enhance the modules/systems in light of learning from pilot and various field tests. The technical training should involve extensive training on the database design, architecture, source code debugging etc for the NAF technical team taking into consideration of future system sustainability.


  1. Handover the complete application source code files, including the underlying system design architecture, database, table structures, data dictionary etc of the supplied MIS without any preconditions.


  2.  MIS development technology. The supplied MIS platform must have been developed using the following core technologies:



  • For centralized web based MIS:


  • Architecture: Web based
  • Back end database: MS SQL database server
  • Front end: ASP Dot net, MVC framework
  • Application Server: Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • Operating System:  Windows Server
  • Interface Browser compatibility: Compatibly with all browsers


  • For Tablet application:


  • An android-based application version of MIS platform should be designed, customized or developed and implemented for the registration module, which should have the functionality to synchronize tablets data with the centralized MIS database.


  • MIS and Source code ownerships


  • The software developing firm shall handover all the source code files and technical documentation of the system without any preconditions. NAF be the full owner of the MIS Platform without any preconditions.





  1. Inception Report: at the beginning of the consultancy the software developing firm is expected to prepare an inception report outlining the work included in consultancy. This will include a detailed work plan with estimated time frame for each deliverable, and the proposed methodology to undertake this assignment.
  2. System Requirements/Gap Analysis Study and Planning for MIS development: software developing firm shall prepare the SRS- Software requirements specification documents, Gap analysis document for the MIS based on the field visits, meetings, discussions and consultation with the NAF and other stakeholders.
  3. MIS Design and Delivery of MIS Modules: Design and deliver the modules implemented as required. The firm’s Lead MIS Specialist should supervise & review the modules development and ensure timely delivery. This may also require review and improve the modules based on lessons learnt from various tests/pilot and finalization accordingly and ensuring that the development of MIS is done on international best practices of Cash Transfer Programmes.
  4. Training and Transfer of Technology:  The software developing firm has to lead the capacity building of MIS and Operational Staff on MIS modules and maintenance of system. The Consultant should Transfer/Handover of final modules and documents such as technical and all design documents, source code files etc.



    The below table set outs clear tasks and activities that will be part of the deliverables for each Phase/Output of the contract, along with a timeline. This project is managed according to Agile methodologies, and must be responsive to the needs of field-level users.  This framework is indicative and should be considered flexible, but will follow the user-derived requirements.

    Before the system sign off and hand over,  UNICEF&NAF will hire a 3rd party IT security company to conduct full system vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, and finding from the assessment must be taken seriously and be solved by the IT development company before the official launch of the system/






  1. Provide ongoing production support to all users and organizations in the live system implementation
  2. Transfer knowledge to local system administrators and service providers to ensure long-term sustainability of MIS cash system
  3. Timely response to end user requests for support, including email responses, calls or demos/walkthroughs of support fixes when necessary.
  4. Service desk to Issue tracking, ticketing system and monitor to resolve opened issues.
  5. Distributing bug fixes, updates and patches (in coordination with NAF project Technical team).
  6. Implement and monitor data protection/data security measures
  7. Troubleshooting and minor code enhancements
  8. Keeping logs and documentation for analysis and audit purposes






The software developing firm is expected to provide a lump sum cost to achieve the objectives of this assignment.  The lump sum cost should cover the cost of supply, design and development of MIS, conducting gap analysis, field visits, consultancy fees, per diem, accommodations, air travel and local transportation etc.





Given the very specific nature and complexity of this task, the assignment expects the role of the Lead MIS Specialist as the key expert who will be responsible for supervising, monitoring and ensuring all the deliverables as outlined in the TOR;


Project manager and Business analyst specialist – CV must be provided.

  1. Must have at least ten years of demonstrated experience in MIS/IT related field;
  2. Must have demonstrated experience conducting system assessment, requirements gathering, system design for the cash transfer MIS;
  3. Must be highly qualified having an extensive international experience in designing, supervising and implementing similar Cash Transfer MIS;
  4. Work experience with the Jordanian Government in MIS/IT related field is highly desirable.



Support Staffs


Besides, the software developing firm is expected to maintain the core technical resources as under among others during the contract period. While these resources are needed to meet the objective of the TOR, it is up to the consultant firm/lead MIS specialist to manage and maintain their internal resources.

  1. Senior Information Systems Development Experts: Minimum of a higher degree/Masters or 4 years of Bachelor in Computer Sciences, Information Technology or related area Experience required: At least 5 years of experience as Software Developer in ASP Dot Net/MS SQL.


  2. System Analyst and Quality Assurance Experts: Minimum of a higher degree/Masters or 4 years of Bachelor in Computer Sciences, Information Technology or related area. At least 5 years of experience in system analysis and quality assurance in connection with Software Development, System Engineering, Information Systems etc.



 Staffs with following characteristics will be preferable:


  • Experience on MIS of Cash Transfer Programmes or Social Programmes
  • Experience with Process Modelling & system architecture design is a must.
  • Strong knowledge and experience of Web & Windows Services, Web & application development in Dot Net /MVC/MS SQL database is required.
  • Sound design understanding of information system architecture to cater scalability, be flexible and be able to accommodate change.
  • The applicant must have professional experience on implementation & delivery of Web, desktop & mobile based multitier systems.
  • Management or coordination experience with Software Developers & Database administrators is a must. 
  • Experience with windows / Mobile (android) operating systems. Proven database experience with PL SQL, SQL / Optimization, SQL Server and Dot Net



  • Development must be with MVC.
  • Evidence of experience in building quality responsive systems, and ability to provide high calibre deliverables;
  • Minimum 8 years of relevant experience in IT development projects.
  • The IT consulted company must have a previous experience in development for cash sector.
  • High and professional programming and analytical capabilities with proven examples of previously produced similar programs or tools


  • Performance will be measured against key milestones (Delivery of Modules against timetable)


    Performance review to happen monthly, in coordination of NAF and WB




                Send your proposals to jordanbids@unicef.org , by mentioned deadline. All proposals to include:

  • Financial proposals
  • Workplan, including methodology and timeline
  • Sample of previous work in a humanitarian context, if applicable
  • Company policy on Child labor (articulate policies for the protection & safeguarding of children) and Prevention of Sexual Harassment by team members – mandatory 10 points




    In case of unsatisfactory performance, payment will be withhold until quality deliverables are submitted. If the firm is unable to complete the assignment, the contract will be terminated by notification letter sent 30 days prior to the termination date.






                  __70___% technical


                  __30___% financial

                      100% total



Full points are allocated to the lowest priced proposal. The financial scores of the other proposals will be in inverse proportion to the lowest price.




  • The contractor will work on its own computer(s) and use its own office resources and materials in the execution of this assignment. The contractor’s fee shall be inclusive of all office administrative costs
  • Please also see UNICEF’s Standard Terms and Conditions attached.

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